Butterflies are the epitome of delicate and ephemeral beauty. To ensure their survival, butterfly aviaries around the world raise these insects in large, enclosed habitats. Female butterflies are sourced from the wild to lay their eggs in these safe environments, thereby protecting them from diseases, parasites, and predators. ...

In these captive environments, virtually 100% of the eggs laid by a single female will survive to adulthood, compared to only a frac- tion in the wild.Once the butterflies reach maturity, some are released back into the wild to boost indigenous populations, while others are kept in butterfly houses for the remainder of their brief lifetimes. After they pass, the deceased speci- mens are preserved for eternal conservation.By supporting butterfly houses, we play a crucial role in preserving native insect and plant species and maintai- ning the health of tropical forests. This financial support also serves as a motivator for governments in developing countries to prioritize the protection of their ecosystems.

Ornithoptera Priamus Poseidon Birdwing

Morpho Godarti

Morpho Peleides

Graphium Androcles Swordtail

Hebomoia Leucippe

Ascia Buniae

Danaus Plexippus Monarch

Cymothoe Sangaris Glider

Morpho Luna

Papilio Lorquinianus

Morpho Menelaus

Papilio Ulysses Swallowtail

Papilio Blumei Peacock Swallowtail

Papilio Palinurus Swallowtail

Phoebis Philea